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Implemented by the company INWEX INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS SA TGS Project is a highly advanced biotechnological project developed continuously since 2007, aimed at inventing new active substances able to treat lifestyle diseases, such as chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer.

As part of the project, a new, innovative molecule was created. Because of its unique medical properties, it has been named Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III. Stable and reproducible methods for its synthesis, storage, and incorporation have also been developed and optimized.

In cooperation with recognized research units, the molecule's high therapeutic efficacy was confirmed. The Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III, its method of preparationand application, is the subject of a worldwide patent application.
Currently, the TGS Project is in a continuous implementation phase. Further progress requires completion of the research process at the pre-clinical stage, i.e. with the use of an active substance manufactured following GMP standards, and transition to the phase of clinical trials in selected disease entities.
Specifically for the TGS Project, a special production facility has been set up. It facilitates the manufacture of the Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III as an active substance for drug production on an industrial scale, following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and under the supervision of the GIF (Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector).

Having our own production plant ensures full control over the manufacturing process of Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III and protects the project from potential disclosure of trade secrets.

The pharmaceutical formulation of the Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III developed by the TGS Project has demonstrated breakthrough efficacy in:
 — reduction of inflammatory bowel disease when used as a Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory
 — fighting cancer cells in:
. colon cancer
. prostate cancer
. cervical cancer
. melanoma
. pancreatic cancer
. brain cancer

inhibiting metastasis of cancer cells to other organs
inhibiting the development of undeveloped cancer cells
treatment of Crohn’s disease treatment of viral respiratory infections, including those caused by coronaviruses

Studies have shown that Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III has the lowest known therapeutic dose in the world. It is effective at as low as 0.016 mg/kg of body weight, and virtually no side effects have been observed during its use.

It is worth noting that the TGS Project has tested only 10–15% of the therapeutic potential of the Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III in terms of application to various disease entities, the amount of effective therapeutic doses, and their routes of administration.
It should also be emphasized that Intelligent Complex Compound Gold III is a fully synthetic, organic chemical compound that is much cheaper and faster to produce than the biological drugs currently dominating the pharmaceutical novelty market. The ability to purchase an innovative, highly effective, and less expensive drug is extremely important from the point of view of the actual payers — insurance companies and private and national health funds, many of which have been driven to the financial brink by the pandemic.
However, further implementation of the TGS Project will require another eight years of work and a substantial financial outlay of up to €150,000,000. Due to the high investment cost and the long construction time, the TGS Project has been divided into two-year investment cycles, during which investors will have the opportunity for both capital commitment and profit
The TGS Project envisages the transformation of INWEX INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS SA into a joint-stock public company listed initially on NC (New Connect) and ultimately on the main block of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).
The TGS Project assumes full control over the Project by the Invention Creators and Founders of INWEX INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS SA. At the same time, a scenario of an early sale of a
controlling stake to a Strategic Investor, e.g., an Industry Investor, is acceptable, provided that the interests of minority investors are secured.
At the moment, taking into account only two therapeutic indications related to ulcerative colitis and cancer, the value of the TGS Project implemented by INWEX INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS SA is estimated at €50,000,000. As the research, implementation, and legislative work progresses, this figure will increase to reach an eventual value of € 2,000,000,000 at the end of the Project.

The project roadmap is published on our G4G website.

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