Meet our team. G4G — biotechnology revolution

Before we start the official sale, we want you to get to know our team. Today the CEO of G4G project, shareholder of

Coinntech and President of INWEX — Remigiusz Szczepaniak.

Learn about our project. See how we will revolutionize the world of health.

Paweł Kamiński is the co-founder of G4G. Shareholder of Coinntech and VP of INWEX Company. #G4G #ICO #IDO #Biotechnology

The next team member is Dariusz Olearczyk. CTO of G4G, Coinntech shareholder.

Each following day, we will publish the following members of our team Stay tuned!



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The G4G project assumes investing in startups with high economic potential and a high degree of social utility.